The MEDITERRANEAN EPIC is an UCI Hors Catégorie (SHC) mountainbike stage race, composed of 4 stages marathon (XCM). It is an individual competition, although it includes a specific category to be able to participate also in pairs. Elite UCI riders may only participate individually.

The competition will be held on 10-11-12-13th of Frebruary 2022 in Oropesa del Mar and Castellón de la Plana.

The competition follows the technical and sporting norms of the UCI (International Cycling Union) mainly in the elite male and female UCI categories.

  1. Registration

1.1. In order to participate in this competition you must register on the official website: . In order for registration to be valid, it is mandatory to fill in all the required fields in the form and pay the registration fees.

1.2. The registration period ends on the 31st of January 2021 at 23:59:59 or until the registrations are sold out.

1.3. It is MANDATORY that all participants are in possession of a cycling competition license, issued by a national cycling federation approved by the UCI.

1.4. Cyclists or other sports licenses are not accepted for this race.

1.5 Those who do not have an annual license for competitive cycling must apply for a temporary license , valid only for competition and validated by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC).

1.6 This temporary license entails an additional cost of € 10 per day and allows you to compete in the corresponding category, with the same rights as any other participant except for the specific conditions affecting Elite UCI categories. The license can be processed within the online registration or in the Technical Office when collecting the race number

1.7. Participants wishing to compete in the male and female Elite UCI categories must have an annual cycle racing license. These compete for UCI XCM points and cash prizes. They must strictly follow the rules of the UCI.

1.8 The registration fee per participant is:

  • 100 first registrations …………… 295 EUR 
  • registrations 101-400 …………… 345 EUR 
  • registrations 401-700 …………… 395 EUR 

*The Organization keeps a quota of entries for international UCI Elite teams, sponsors and media. Requests at 

The registration for 2 Person Team is made only by one of the team members who enrolls both members of the team and pays the full registration of the team (2 x the individual registration fee).

1.9 The price of the registration includes:

  • Right of participation in the 4 stages  
  • Plate and back numbers
  • Timing and results of each stage
  • Adhesives of the profiles of the stages
  • Medical care on the course
  • Mechanical attention on the course (only labor)
  • Wide safety plan for bikers
  • Liquid and solid Feed Zones along the route for all stages
  • Final Feed Zone at Finish Line Area
  • Pick up service on the course
  • Bike wash service
  • Official GOBIK Mediterranean EPIC jersey  
  • Official T-Shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • Several gifts from sponsors 

1.10 In case of disqualification or withdrawal from the competition, the price of registration will not be refunded, neither totally or partially.

1.11 According to the rules of Retail Trade of Spain, all registrations may be returned in full for a period of 7 days from the date of registration. For refunds outside this period there is a cancellation insurance available for 18 €. Without insurance, no refunds will be accepted outside the legal deadline of 7 days. All the refund requests have to be made via email to . The 18eur paid for the insurance will not be reimbursed at any case.

The cancellation insurance covers 100% registration refund for request done before the 1st of february 2022. Login into your rider profile and request the refund from there. After the 1st of february, no refund will be made in case of cancellation.


2. Health clauses – COVID Measures

Given the current health situation, the Organization wants to make clear to all participants the special requirements and exceptional measures in this regard. Likewise, the requirements regarding organization, control or admission measures will be adapted to the current regulations at the time of the race.

COVID Prevention Measures

The measures to be applied by the organisation will be those required by the health authorities at the time of the race. At present they are limited to the use of masks and maintaining a social safety distance as far as possible. No COVID passport or PCR or antigen test is required. Any changes in health regulations will be automatically implemented in the race regulations.

Postponement / Cancellation of the event

In the case of postponement for reasons of the health situation and its consequent administrative restrictions, alternative dates will be proposed for holding it. All participants will be automatically registered on the alternative date. Participants who have taken out cancellation insurance (highly recommended) will also have the option of requesting a 100% refund of the registration. Participants who do not have cancellation insurance may transfer their registration to a colleague, but they will not be able to recover the registration fee if they do not wish / can participate in the new alternative dates.

As specified in clause 1.11, the amount paid for the insurance will not be reimbursed in any case.

Administrative restriction of the number of participants

If by administrative imperative and due to the pandemic situation we were forced to restrict participation to a given number of less than 600 participants (hopefully that will not happen!), Bib numbers would be assigned until the places were filled according to this priority: 1. Elite riders, 2. International riders, 3. Master cyclists and federated teams. 4. Not Federated riders. In the last group admitted, the order will be the registration date. Those participants who did not enter the quota would be paid 100% of the registration.


3.1. All participants must be at least 18 years old the day before the beginning of the race.

3.2. Participants can register in any of the following CATEGORIES. The ages are calculated in reference to the age of the participant on December 31 of the year of the competition:

Female Elite : A woman who must be 18 years old or older. Must have an approved race cycling license. 

Female master . A woman who must be 30 or older. Must have an approved Master License for racing cycling. Those who hold an Elite category license will not be able to compete in this category.

Male Elite : A man who must be 18 years old or older. Must have an approved race cycling license.

Master 30 male . A man who must be between 30 and 39 years old. Must have an approved Master License for racing cycling. Those who hold an Elite category license will not be able to compete in this category.

Master 40 male . A man who must be between 40 and 49 years old. Must have an approved Master License for racing cycling. Those who hold an Elite or Master 30 license may not compete in this category.

Master 50 male . A man who must be 50 years old or older. Must have an approved Master License for racing cycling. Those who hold an Elite, Master 30 or Master 40 license will not be able to compete in this category.

2 Person Teams . 2 participants of the same sex or mixed, who must be 19 years or older. Participants competing in Couples will do it only in this modality and will not classify individually in their category. Elite UCI riders can not participate in this modality. If one of the members retired of the competition, the other member is allowed to take the start the next stages, but won’t have any option to individual trophee or clasification. The Team time is the one done by the second biker entering at the finish line. The 2 team members can not finish the stage with a time difference higher than 1 minute. If this is the case, the time for the team will be the time done by the second member plus a penalty of 30 minutes.

3.3. These categories will only be established if at least three people start in each category.

3.4. Participants with a Master license will not be able to compete in the UCI Elite categories.

3.5. IMPORTANT: According to the regulations of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC), foreign participants holding a cycling license not issued by the RFEC, must have a written authorisation from their national cycling federation that certifies that their insurance is valid in Spain. This document must be shown to the Commissaires in order to collect the race number.


  1. Check-in

4.1. Check-in and reception will take place in Oropesa del Mar (Palau D’Or) on Wednesday 9th of february from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm. 

4.2. Race numbers are assigned according to each category by order of registration and the last UCI ranking update into effect at that moment.

4.3. During the check-in, an identification bracelet will be given to all participants, who must wear it upon reception and throughout the entire competition. This bracelet allows access to areas reserved for participants and ensures compliance with security measures.

  1.  Team Managers Meetings

5.1. Every day in the afternoon there will be a technical briefing explaining the route and important safety points of the next stage. Due to Covid limitations the assistance is limited to the team manager (UCI) and just 1 member per team. This meeting will be video streamed so you will also be able to attend virtually.

5.2. All changes will be announced on the race news board, and it will be the responsibility of the participants to keep informed. The Facebook page of the race will also inform about all the important news.

  1. Race Procedure

6.1. This competition follows the general regulations of the UCI and the specific UCI mountain bike regulations

6.2. After each stage, the results of the race will be published on the web and Facebook page, the general classification and the list of departures for the following day.

6.3. There are different start grills depending on the overall classification of the race. The first day, the starting grid will be sorted by category and number

6.4. The start grill will be opened 20-30 minutes before the departure time depending on stage.

6.5. Five minutes before the start time, no participant is allowed access to the starting grid and must be placed in the back of the corresponding starting group.

6.6. No participant can take the exit once the official exit has been given, unless a Commissaire allows it. Participants who take the exit after that time will be considered DNS (Did Not Start).

6.7. Each way point, cross section, feed/aid station, start and finish have a maximum time allowance, at which the service is closed. The time to reach these points is announced in the competition’s Road book.

6.8. Any illicit aid involves the disqualification of the participant. Any aid out of the Technical Zone involves disqualification. People and vehicles without accreditation won’t be able to access the Technical Zones. Accreditations have to be required to the Organization at the registration.

6.9. Participants who are no longer officially classified may continue to participate in the race in a recreational way as long as they do not influence the development of the competition. Not obeying this rule leads to the expulsion of the race, without the chance of continuing.

  1. Neutralised starts

7.1. For security reasons the start of any stage can be neutralised. The Course Director leads the participants on an official race vehicle. Once the stage is started by the Course Director the participants must start racing.

7.2. Once the official race vehicle has reached the end of the neutralised stretch, it will stop aside and indicate the end of the neutralisation.

7.3. During the neutralised start it is banned to overtake the Course Director’s vehicle.

  1. Neutralised arrivals

8.1. For safety reasons the finish line may be located before the asphalt section. If this occurs, a period of time will be set to complete the distance between the finish line and the paddock. Any delay in arrival to the paddock will incur 1 minute penalty for each minute of delay.

  1. Route

9.1. The competition will be raced in 4 days and will have the following routes : (provisional route information)

  • Stage 1, Thursday, Time Trial Oropesa: 19km ; 550m D+
  • Stage 2, Friday, Castelló-Castelló: 58km; 1.700m D+
  • Stage 3, Saturday, Oropesa-Oropesa: 93km; 1.650m D+
  • Stage 4, Sunday, Oropesa-Oropesa: 50km; 1.500m D+

9.2. This route will be properly marked with marks, especially in the points of conflict, such as crosses or streets.

9.3. The route will be open to traffic but properly controlled. Participants should follow the directions of the traffic authorities and volunteers of the Organization and circulate with caution. On open roads, cyclists should cycle on the right.

9.4. The route includes demanding climbs and sections with technical descents. It is the responsibility of the participant to decide which section is cyclable for their level. The organization is not responsible for accidents related to each participant’s skill or level of fitness.

9.5. During the route are established some Control Points (CP) . Omitting a CP involves disqualification.

9.6. Abandoning the route marked by the organization supposes the disqualification.

9.7. All participants must remain within the natural limits of the roads, without making cutbacks or taking shortcuts.

  1. Feed and tech zones

10.1. Feed and aid zones are properly sign posted all throughout the route. These have everything necessary to cover the participants’ food and hydration needs during the stage.

10.2. Feed zones match team’s aid stations, otherwise noted.

10.3. In order to entry to the feedzone you will have to wear the respective accreditation and the covid free bracelet.

  1. Markings

11.1. The race will be marked with signs of direction arrows. Although no GPS device is required to follow the route, it is advisable to use it. The Organization will facilitate the tracks to the participants in electronic format.

11.2. Every ten kilometers the distance to the goal will be indicated. The last kilometer will also be indicated to the finish line.

  1. Non Cyclable Section

12.1. The commissaires and the race director will be able to decide if any part of the route is not cyclable and is impossible to clear. In this case the route can be diverted in other places provided by the organization.

12.2. If it is not possible to finish, the end time will be the last control point passed.

  1. Withdrawing

13.1. Any participant who withdraws must inform the organization as soon as possible.

13.2. Failure to report a withdrawal will result in expulsion from the competition.

13.3. In case of accident or emergency, and taking into account the safety of the participants, the organization reserves the right to force the withdrawal of a participant from the competition.

  1. Results

14.1. The results of each stage are set according to the time required to complete each of the stages, plus the penalties.

14.2. The total time of the completed stages and the total penalty time determine the final classifications.

14.3. The following classifications are established:

  • Overall
  • Elite women
  • Elite Men
  • Master 30 Men
  • Master 40 Men 
  • Master 50 Men 
  • Master Women
  • Couples

14.4. There is a result list for UCI Elite women and men, in order to award these participants with UCI points and prize money.

14.5. Any participant who does not officially complete a stage is not considered a Finisher.

14.6. All participants have a single-use chip to be able to record their times and follow up. Commissioners must approve these times to validate the results.

  1. Awards

15.1. Each stage has an award ceremony for each category.

15.2. The first three participants in each category and the corresponding leaders of the event, have a podium ceremony, which is mandatory.

15.3. At the final prize draw, the top three finishers in each category of the overall standings are called immediately to the podium, once all have crossed the finish line.

15.4. Money prizes and UCI XCM points are awarded only to Elite UCI categories at the Mediterranean Epic after the final race results.  

15.5. The prize money will be paid by transfer the days after the end of the event. Participants with prizes must fill out and send the form and documentation required and which will be available at the race website. Participants who do not properly send the documentation and form for the payment of cash prizes within 60 days after the end of the race, it will be understood that they refuse the cash prize and will lose their right to collect.

PRIZE MONEY: Elite UCI men & women

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
STAGES 1-4           250€           200€           150€           125€           100€             90€             80€             70€             60€             50€
OVERALL        1.500€        1.200€           900€           750€           600€           450€           375€           300€        250€           150€


POINTS: Elite UCI men & women

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
200 180 160 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 38 36 34
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
32 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1



  1. Bicycle

 The bicycle must comply with the regulations of the UCI, both in terms of technical characteristics and safety measures.

16.2. Participants can change the bike each stage but can not be completely replaced or changed during a stage.

16.3. Bicycles left at the official parking lot of the race may only be removed by the participants wearing the bracelet with the corresponding number and matching the bicycle.

16.4. Tandems are not allowed.

16.5. E-bikes are not allowed . (only for staff of the organization)

  1. Equipment

17.1. It is mandatory to compete with the number plate assigned by the organization. The number plate must be placed on the front of the bicycle and on the back of the participant. Both must be clearly visible and can not be modified. The electronic chip can not be modified and should be placed where the organization indicates.

17.2. All leaders of the overall classification must wear the leading jersey, delivered by the organization. The leader jersey has a blank space both front and back reserved for the participant’s sponsors.

17.3. It is the responsibility of the participant to place their sponsors in the reserved space of the leader’s jersey.

17.4.  XCM National and World Champions have to wear their champions jersey. It does not apply for XCO

17.5. For safety reasons it is recommended to carry a mobile phone.

17.6. It may be necessary in some stages to wear certain warm clothes (waterproof, thermal leggings, etc.). The choice of material is the responsibility of the participants.

  1. Sport and nature

18.1. Mountain Biking is a competitive sport or leisure activity that takes place in a natural environment and the impact it can have on the environment is the responsibility of all participants and organizers. It is strictly forbidden to litter along the route. Participants should be respectful of the environment (do not pedal off the road and do not take shortcuts that could damage the vegetation), be careful with the animals, etc.

18.2. The commissaires and the race director reserve the right to disqualify any participant who does not respect the environment or the private properties that are crossed during the race, and to expel him or give him a time penalty without possibility of continuing to participate in the competition in case of littering along the course.

18.3 It is MANDATORY to mark your energy gels/bars with your race number. To do so, we have provided a marker in your race bag. At the start line there will be a random control. It is not permitted to enter the start box with non-marked gels/bars

  1. Considerations

19.1. Any participant may be subjected to an anti-doping control following the UCI regulations.

19.2. All participants should be respectful of other cyclists, commissars, members of the organization, journalists and spectators.

19.3. The route where the competition takes place is drawn exclusively for the race and the diffusion of the track is not allowed.

19.4. The commissaires reserve the right to disqualify any participant who does not respect these considerations, and to expel him without the possibility of continuing to participate in the competition.

19.5. All participants transfer their image rights to the organization, which can use any photograph or video that comes from the competition.

19.6. The organization is not responsible for any expenses or debts incurred by participants during the course of the event.

19.7. If necessary and under major circumstances, the organisation has the right without previous notice and in order to guarantee the event’s proper development and safety (participants, Commissaires, staff, etc.), to delay a start time, alter its schedule, and/or modify or cancel a stage.

19.8. The Organization will not be able to give the exit in case of a fire emergency situation  (according to current legislation in the Valencian region). In that case, this stage would be suspended without any possibility of any claim against the organizer as it is a subject outside their jurisdiction.

  1. Complaints

20.1. The complaints must be formally submitted to the Commissaires and processed according to the UCI regulations.

  1. Paddock

21.1. Teams and trademarks must reserve the space in advance by contacting the email

PADDOCK prices are as follows:

3 × 3m tents  200 €
6x3m tents – 9x3m  300 €

21.2. No participant or team assistant can camp or spend the night in the paddock unless authorized by the organization.

22.3. The organization does not guarantee water and electricity to the teams settled in the paddock, which must be self-sufficient.