***The official routes of the 2024 edition are still being defined, but they will be very similar to those of the 2023 edition in terms of kilometers and elevation gain. We leave as a reference those of 2023 so that you can have an orientation ***.


Stage 1 – TimeTrial by ROTOR: 19km ; 600m D+ Time Trial (29 km total) 

Starting at the Torre del Rey in Oropesa del Mar, the riders will start one by one along the Playa de la Concha in a southerly direction. After a couple of kilometres on the flat, they will face the first climb, short but technical.
Once past the Oropesa radar, the riders will descend through a wooded area where they will find the CANYON SPECIAL SEGMENT and that will lead to the final climb. An intense climb on a track that increases in gradient as the route progresses. The end of this Timetrial by ROTOR will be the highest point of the Oropesa antennas. From the top, the riders will have to continue to finish the route in Marina D’Or, without the pressure of the time trial, with a fun and technical downhill to the finish line.


Stage 2:  80km ,  2,150m D+

In this second adventure, we move to Castellón. The exit of the stage is located in the Chencho sports centre, on the outskirts of the capital.
If we had to define this route in one word, it would be “technical”. 58 kilometres of trails and singletracks that will keep the bravest riders’ eyes wide open with every pedal stroke. In addition, the 1,700 metres of elevation gain will create fun uphill stretches of pedalling on trails.
The riders will start from the flat grassy area up to the quarry. The first climb, short but demanding, will create the first gaps between participants, joining Llobera and Rojalet with the valley that connects the highest point of the day, the great massif of Borriol.
Bordering the town along the mountain range that protects it from the north face, the riders will go up and down a total of 5 times. Once past the last Feed Zone and after a leg-breaking climb, we will find the descent of the Rebolcador, which will be the CANYON SPECIAL SEGMENT of the day.  We will continue with rocky, technical and fun sections, linking the town centre with the last two kilometres of descent, the Mirador de la plana. Good Rock & Roll, that will make more than one of us keep smiling until the finish line, or even until the next day!


Stage 3:  104km , 2,200m D+

Oropesa is once again preparing to run a real mountain marathon. Starting at La Concha beach, the riders will ride the first 12 kilometres parallel to the Mediterranean coast, until they enter the first climb of the day, through the Fontanelles valley. After passing through the town of Cabanes and maintaining high altitudes, the bikers will descend to the coast along a very long 6 km downhill singletrack called “Senda dels Treballadors” which will represent the CANYON SPECIAL SEGMENT of the stage. Both ascents and descents will generate significant wear and tear on the runner. It will be necessary to save strength for the second ascent of the day, almost 15 kilometres of hard pedalling that will leave the riders at the highest part of the mountain range. A leg-breaking link section will connect with the last and spectacular descent to finish with 10 kilometres of fast track to the finishing straight.


Stage 4:  52km , 1.150m D+

We will close the race with a stage divided into three segments: the first, with the ascent to the Oropesa radar that will link with the ascent to Juvellús in the direction of the first descent, called “El jabalí trufero”, whose descent will be marked as the CANYON SPECIAL SEGMENT.

The second, with the constant ascent to the second peak of the day already in the municipality of Cabanes to connect with the Senda de la Cova, a long and technical downhill singletrack that will put your skills on your bicycles to the limit. To conclude, a fast track that will link with a last climb to the radar of Oropesa and finish the last kilometres along the Concha beach, which will show off the name of the race and where riders can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in capital letters that will accompany them to the finish line to put the finishing touch to this adventure of 4 days of authentic mountain biking.