In order to participate in this competition you must register on the official website: . In order for registration to be valid, it is mandatory to fill in all the required fields in the form and pay the registration fees.

The registration period ends on the 31st of January 2021 at 23:59:59 or until the registrations are exhausted. The maximum quota is 600 places.

It is MANDATORY that all participants are in possession of a cycling competition license, issued by a national cycling federation approved by the UCI.

Cyclists or other sports licenses are not accepted for this race.

Those who do not have an annual license for competitive cycling must apply for a temporary license , valid only for competition and validated by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC).

This temporary license entails an additional cost of € 10 per day and allows you to compete in the corresponding category, with the same rights as any other participant except for the specific conditions affecting Elite UCI categories. The license can be processed within the online registration or in the Technical Office when collecting the race number

Participants wishing to compete in the male and female Elite UCI categories must have an annual cycle racing license. These compete for UCI XCM points and cash prizes. They must strictly follow the rules of the UCI.

The registration fee per participant is:

  • 200 first registrations …………… 245 EUR – COMPLETED
  • registrations 201-350 …………… 295 EUR – COMPLETED
  • registrations 351-600* …………. 345 EUR – COMPLETED

*The Organization keeps 100 entries for UCI Elite Riders, sponsors and media. Requests at 

The registration for 2 Person Team is made only by one of the team members who enrolls both members of the team and pays the full registration of the team (2 x the individual registration fee).

The price of the registration includes:

  • Right of participation in the 4 stages  
  • COVID-19 test
  • Plate and back numbers
  • Timing and results of each stage
  • Adhesives of the profiles of the stages
  • Medical care on the course
  • Mechanical attention on the course (only labor)
  • Wide safety plan for bikers
  • Liquid and solid Feed Zones along the route for all stages
  • Final Feed Zone at Finish Line Area
  • Pick up service on the course
  • Bike wash service
  • Official GOBIK Mediterranean EPIC jersey  
  • Finisher Medal
  • Several gifts from sponsors 
  • Technical briefing of each stage

In case of disqualification or withdrawal from the competition, the price of registration will not be refunded, neither totally or partially.

According to the rules of Retail Trade of Spain, all registrations may be returned in full for a period of 7 days from the date of registration. For refunds outside this period there is a cancellation insurance available for 18 €. Without insurance, no refunds will be accepted outside the legal deadline of 7 days. All the refund requests have to be made via email to . 


Health clauses.

Given the current health situation, the Organization wants to make clear to all participants the special requirements and exceptional measures in this regard.

COVID-19 test

All participants must previously perform a COVID-19 test with a negative result in order to collect the number.

The organization will make available to all registrants a medical team to perform rapid COVID-19 tests (results in 15-20 min.). The cost of the analysis will be borne by the Organization, not generating any additional expense to the participants.

The technical staff and / or assistances of the runners, must also carry out a COVID-19 test. The cost of the analysis of 10EUR must be paid to the organization. Negative test reports with a maximum age of 72 hours will be accepted as valid.

Postponement / Cancellation of the event

We are the first interested in the event taking place on the scheduled dates, but we want to clarify before you decide to register how we are going to proceed in each case. In the case of postponement for reasons of the health situation and its consequent administrative restrictions, alternative dates will be proposed for holding it. All participants will be automatically registered on the alternative date. Participants who have taken out cancellation insurance (highly recommended) will also have the option of requesting a 100% refund of the registration. Participants who do not have cancellation insurance may transfer their registration to a colleague, but they will not be able to recover the registration fee if they do not wish / can participate in the new alternative dates.

In the event that the event is definitively canceled, and it cannot be held either on the original date or on the alternative date, all participants (with or without insurance) will be able to choose between transferring their registration to the 2022 edition or requesting a refund of the 100% of the registration.

As specified in clause 1.11, the amount paid for the insurance will not be reimbursed in any case.

Administrative restriction of the number of participants

If by administrative imperative and due to the pandemic situation we were forced to restrict participation to a given number of less than 600 participants (hopefully that will not happen!), Bib numbers would be assigned until the places were filled according to this priority: 1. Elite riders, 2. International riders, 3. Master cyclists and federated teams. 4. Not Federated riders. In the last group admitted, the order will be the registration date. Those participants who did not enter the quota would be paid 100% of the registration and would be given a 20% discount coupon for registration in the next edition. Take this situation into account to make your reservations for travel, hotel, … Obviously we are the first to not want something like this to happen, but in the current situation it is a possibility and we want you to know in advance how we would manage it.