The Mediterranean Epic offers you an UCI 4 stage race where you will enjoy mountain biking to the fullest not only during the route, but also during your stay in Oropesa del Mar – Castellón (Spain).

From 10th to 13th of february 2022 you will be able to feel the spectacular Mediterranean mild weather!

Our goal is to make you live the best biker experience you have ever dreamed of.

Will we be able to achieve it?


UCI Hors Catégorie.

We keep the class Hors Catégorie!

It’s a great honor to be the first race in the history of the UCI to achieve such an exclusive category after only 3 editions.

This not only means that you will be able to compete together with the best bikers of the world (bikers from more than 30 countries), but you will also do so under the highest standard of quality and organizational safety that exists.

For us, you are all World Champions. At least, we will do our best to make you feel like one.

The Mediterranean Epic is not just another race … .

.. is, THE RACE you’ve always dreamed of!


The best fans.

The province of Castellón is not only a paradise for mountain biking, but it also has thousands of cycling fans who will make you “fly” thanks to their cheers in the hardest moments, when you need them most.

There they will be clapping, shouting and cheering at every turn.

Are you going to miss it?


The Mediterranean Epic is not a race for “all kind of riders”.

This is real mountain biking. Fast and technical trails that will demand the most of you but that will make you descend with a smile that will take days to erase from your face.

If you want to ride easy, buy yourself a gravel bike! 🙂

If what you want is Rock&Roll …

… welcome to the party!


Discover why bikers fall in love with the Mediterranean Epic in 180 seconds !

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